Mail Services


Many homeless could receive and send mail if the facilities were available.  With the ability to receive mail come the benefit of being able to receive pension checks, social security checks and other forms of public assistance.  Along with the ability to get mail provides the opportunity to reach out to other family members who may be able to help these people out of homelessness. discussed the difficulties associated with homeless getting their mail and some of the less than perfect solutions like churches, businesses, and family or friends providing this service.  The United States Postal Service (USPS) will allow individuals to rent a PO Box, but many times their money is tied up in food or other needs like medications or tobacco and they may miss the long-term benefit of a PO Box.

By providing mail services at the location where the individuals are being housed, and that can be approved by the USPS, would ensure that the mail is being delivered to the homeless in a manner that they can receive mail on their schedule and be secured appropriately until delivered.

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