Financing and Legislation

Planned Financing


The best possible solution for funding this type of project is the use of a small sales tax.  

Under the capsule concept, less the cost of leasing a facility, the cost for the individual capsules would run between $800 and $1,600 per unit (Allibaba, 2017).   The logistics of how the monies need to be spent will be addressed upon request.

Future funding would continue in the way of this sales tax until the population has been reduced to a manageable size and the overall community has recovered from this long-term issue.  By using a sales tax, the project becomes budget neutral to principalities and makes the funding more palatable to the voters.  Many times, a proposal is put to the voters for a sales tax to help the homeless with lofty goals of affordable housing, but the proposal has no merit.  This proposal provides a beginning a middle and an end.

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